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Municipal Court Information and Fines Schedule.

The City of Cassville Municipal Court meets weekly on Monday, 3pm, in the City Council Chambers, at the rear of City Hall

Cases in municipal court involve alleged violations of municipal ordinances of the City of Cassville. If you receive a ticket/summons for a municipal violation, you have certain rights and responsibilities.
If you have any legal questions regarding your case you need to contact a private attorney. The municipal court staff cannot give you legal advice.

If you would like to pay your ticket online you can visit

Violations Schedule:

Improper Registration $105.00
Display Plates of Another $155.00
No Operators License $180.00
Expired License (6 mo. or less) $130.00
No Operators License on Person $105.00
FT Stop @ Stop Sign or Signal $80.00
FT Wear Seat Belt $10.00
No Child Restraint $130.00
Defective Equipment $80.00
FT Maintain Lane $80.00
No Insurance $180.00
Speeding: 1-10 over $90.00
11 - 15 over $115.00
21 - 25 over $165.00
26 over - Must Appear <<<

**Anyone involved in a traffic accident must appear in Court**

This schedule is to be prominently displayed at Cassville City Court Offices. Defendants may waive their right to appear and enter a plea of guilty to the above traffic violations and speeding charges by signing the back of the ticket, mailing the ticket with the correct fine & cost payable to the Municipal Court of Cassville, 300 Main Street, Cassville, MO 65625; defendants may also enter a plea of guilty and pay the Viola

City of Cassville Missouri, 300 Main Street, Cassville Mo. 65625. Phone 417-847-4441

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