Attention: What's Happening (again)?

Our Customer Web Portal electronic payment services will experience a brief period of downtime for scheduled maintenance on the date listed below

How does this affect your utility?
There is no action required on your part.  However, we would like to make you aware that electronic payment services will be unavailable during the period.

  This four-hour maintenance window is scheduled for the following time: 

  • Beginning:  Saturday, September 1, 2018 at 11:00 pm 
  • Ending:  Sunday, September 2, 2018 at 3:00 am


City Hall Contact Information

City Hall Main Number

Phone: 417-847-4441


City Administrator - Email

Steve Walensky


City Clerk
& Finance Officer-

Jennifer Evans

Phone: 417-847-4441 ext. 101


Court  Clerk- Email

Courtney Hoppes

Phone: 417-847-4441 ext. 104


Deputy City Clerk - Email

Cherry Bailey

Phone: 417-847-4441 ext. 103


Utility & Permit Clerk - Email

Jennifer Privett

Phone: 417-847-4441 ext. 102


Utility Billing and Deposit Information

Please contact City Hall at 417-847-4441, ext. 104, for more information regarding the water and sewer service. This summary of the usage rates and billing policy is intended to ensure that utility customers are notified of the anticipated cost when establishing a water, sewer, and trash service account; and to inform new utility customers of the billing policies of the City of Cassville.

Looking to pay your bill online? Click Here for our online bill pay system.

Utility Account Deposit

The required utility account deposit is: 

$100.00 for residential (owner-occupied) accounts
$150.00 for residential (rental) accounts
$50.00 for landlord accounts
$100.00 for business accounts
*For commercial/industrial accounts, deposit is equal to the estimated average monthly usage charge for industry type.
The minimum deposit is required for all new accounts regardless of past payment history. The city may require a deposit of $200.00 for residential (owner-occupied) and business accounts; $100.00 for landlord accounts; and $300.00 for residential (rental) accounts when a customer has demonstrated inadequate payment history.

Water Rates
*NOTICE: The following rates will be in effect for January 2018 Billing

Water Base Rate: 

Inside city: $12.94 per month
Outside city: $27.03 per month
Commercial 1 & 2: $27.03 per month
Commercial 3 & 4: $33.49 per month

Water Usage Rate: 

Inside city: $4.11 per 1000 gallons
Outside city: $8.04 per 1000 gallons

Sewer Rates

Sewer Base Rate: $9.40 per month
Sewer Usage Rate: $7.43 per thousand gallons of water usage

Penalties, Delinquencies and Discontinuation of Service

A penalty of $25.00 will be assessed for all payments made after the posted due date. If service is disconnected for delinquency, account will be closed and payment of a new deposit will be required, plus payment of all past due amounts before service can be restored.

Trash Collection
*NOTICE: The following rates will be in effect for January 2018 Billing

Allied Waste/Republic Services collects trash and garbage for the City of Cassville.

Trash: Poly-Cart $16.11 for maximum of 95 gallons per week or optional 95 gallon cart for recycle service once a month; 2nd Cart $4.10

Residential: To establish an account and determine routes, contact the City’s Utility Billing Clerk at 417-847-4441, ext. 102. (Allied Waste does not pick up yard waste. See ‘Yard Waste Disposal Site’ information below.)
Commercial: Accounts must be established through the Allied Waste office in Springfield, MO. Call 417-865-1717.

Cassville Recycle Center 2018 Calendar - Click here

Yard Waste Disposal Site

Cassville residents may drop off yard waste at the site south of the City’s Aquatic Park off Sale Barn Road. This site is for Cassville residents only and is not for business or commercial use.

City of Cassville Missouri, 300 Main Street, Cassville Mo. 65625. Phone 417-847-4441

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