Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the water system, the wastewater collections and treatment system, the parks system, the Municipal Airport, streets and public facilities.  
David Brock is the Director of Public Works and can be reached at 417-847-4441 or  

Water Department

The City of Cassville has 43.97 miles of water main lines. There are six wells that feed the distribution system. Three wells pump approximately 400 GPM, two pump 500 GPM, with one well produces 700 GPM.

There are five water towers; four hold 150,000 gallons of water and one holds 750,000 gallons. Overall, Cassville has 1,350,000 total gallons of storage capacity.
The water towers feed four different water zones for the community. They are supported with ten pressure pits. All of the water is treated with chlorine and is tested daily to ensure all requirements for clean safe drinking water are met as dictated by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.  The Public Works Department travels 11.23 miles between well locations to complete the daily testing. There are 1759 meters and 325 fire hydrants that are maintained. 

Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)
Every Community Water System is required by law to provide customers with an annual water quality report also known as a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). The Missouri Department of Natural Resources-Public Drinking Water Branch (MDNR-PDWB) has helped produce a CCR specifically for the Cassville Missouri water system.  Current City of Cassville CCR report.

The Public Works Shop is located at 7th and Mill St.   The phone number there is 417-847-5499.
The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located on Crystal Springs Rd and the phone number there is 417-847-3225.

Water Service Line Inventory
The EPA is requiring all water systems to inventory both public and private water service lines (the pipes that connect your home to the water main). The expectation is that lead pipes or lead fittings, as well as galvanized pipe that has been exposed to lead will be identified and eventually replaced. An initial inventory must be submitted in the fall of 2024 with updates every three years but there is no specific timeline to complete the inventory.

Cassville secured a grant to help with the initial submittal and hopes to visually inspect around 400 of 1,600 service accounts in the summer of 2024. Additional inspections will occur over the next several years at a much slower pace.

It is important to note that lead pipe and fittings are relatively uncommon in this area and testing has repeatedly found Cassville's drinking water to greatly exceed state and federal standards for lead content (see the Consumer Confidence Report linked above).

2024 Inspection Area Map
Water Service Line Self Identification Form
Service Line Self Identification Tutorial

Street Department
The City maintains 63 lane miles of public streets or just under 4 million square feet of pavement. In 2022 a street inventory and pavement condition assessment was completed and found the average condition index was 64  (on a scale of 0-100)  or an average conditions category of fair.  The project management report can be reviewed here. 

Cassville Municipal Airport 


• Latitude: 36-4-1-50.7000N
• Longitude: 93-54-01.9000W
• Elevation: 1482
• 09/27: 60 ft x 3600 ft (ASPH)
• Lighting: MED
• VGSI: P2L/P2L Right Traffic: N/N 
• Unicom: CTAF: 122.9
• Approach 124.95
• Lights: 122.9
• Attendance: M UNATNDD D: H:
• Fuel: 100LL
• Fuel price: $5.308/gallon as of 05/01/2023
• Pilots Lounge Available
• Free WiFi
• Airframe: No
• Power Plant: No
• Storage: Yes
• Overnight Hangar: Yes
Ground Transportation
• Car Rental from Nearby City
• NO Courtesy Car
Additional Information
• NO Vending Machines
• The Airport has been surveyed by the National Geodetic Survey.
• No FBO fixed base operator available
• Free Tie Down use on aprons.
Manager: Justin Henson
300 S. Main
Cassville, MO 65625
Phone: 417-847-4441

Collection Department (Sewer)
The City of Cassville has 161,204 ft. (30.53 miles) of gravity sewer lines, with 537 manholes and one lift station.  There are 953 feet of forced main. The system is cleaned and serviced throughout the year.  An Aries Camera System is utilized to provide a view into the collection system which allows problem areas to be pinpointed for maintenance or repair.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

wastewater treatment
The wastewater treatment plant has a daily hydraulic capacity of 1.1 million gallons of wastewater per day.  The lagoon covers 18.2 acres.
There are 32 different pumps 42 motors and 4 Clarifiers each running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Equipment and Basins from Influent to final discharge
(1)-Influent bar screen,(6)-15 HP submersible influent pumps, (3)-25,000 gal. Selector basins,(3)-5 HP mixers, (3)-40 HP blowers, (1)-1,000,000 gallon Aeration basin, (3)-7’x10’ air diffuser racks,(4)-1,100 gallon Bulk alum tanks with (1)-transfer pump, (4)-40,000 gallon Clarifiers, (2)-Ultraviolet light disinfection units, (2)-Disc filters with 352 fixed media panels each, (1)-75 KW generator , (1)-Splitter box with liquid alum addition, (1)-250 gallon alum tote, (4)-Alum pumps, (6)-5 HP 4”sludge pumps, (1)-Field Gymmy diesel land application vehicle with 1,500 gallon tank.

Utility Directory
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